Introduction for Health Professionals

The Notify Library of adverse events and reactions

Health professionals play a crucial role in ensuring effective vigilance and surveillance by detecting possible adverse outcomes in recipients of blood transfusion or organs, tissues or cells transplantation, in living donors and in children born following gamete donation. Detection, investigation and reporting of adverse outcomes ensures that lessons can be shared and standards of safety and efficacy improved. The database of historical information provided on this site is intended to support you in these activities.

The Notify Library is not a vigilance reporting programme. If clinicians are faced with an unexpected outcome in a recipient or a donor, they should report it following the procedure specified by their Health Authority and proceed to investigate the cause. This library aims to support such investigations by providing a historical overview of documented cases of adverse reactions and events with a structured analysis by international experts.

The library aims to be exhaustive, including all types of reaction or event that might have didactic value and assist in the estimation of risk. It is limited by the information that is reported and published. It will improve over time, as reliable quantitative data on adverse reactions and events becomes more available. We encourage you to report and publish information regarding unexpected adverse incidents so that your observations and experience can be added to this library via your publications or your Health Authority vigilance reports.

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