Welcome to the NOTIFY Library site where experts from across the globe collaborate to share didactic information on documented adverse outcomes associated with the clinical use of human organs, blood, tissues and cells. The data presented on the Notify Library site should be seen in the context of impressive success stories in transplantation, transfusion and assisted reproduction across the world.

  • Eye bank Global data collection

    In 2020, the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations (GAEBA) will start the annual collection of global data pertaining to the donation and use of human tissue in eye care. The intent of this data collection is to provide one open-access repository site regarding the annual donation rate, and use of human tissue in eye care, presenting raw data for each nation, without comment or judgement on why or how each nation functions.


    For full details, please visit: http://www.gaeba.org/data/

  • Workshop with NOTIFY experts: How to build a Vigilance System?

    The NOTIFY Project meets the AFRO and EMRO WHO regions at the 1st Congress of the African Society of Organ Transplantation (ASOT) and the 5th Congress of the Egyptian Transplantation Society (EST). NOTIFY will be presented on Friday, October 18th, during a dedicated workshop on how to build and manage a vigilance system and a scientific session that will focus on infectious, malignancy and HLA-related complications.


  • ESHRE Campus on quality management in ART

    From October 24-26 Palermo will be the landscape hosting the training course on Quality Management (QM) in ART. The training course addressed to Quality managers, quality team members, responsible persons, directors, MDs, embryologists and nurses has the aim to appreciate the basic and advanced tools in QM, update on compliance in ART, understand project management by influencing people and inducing changes, discuss troubleshooting in a relaxed atmosphere, have a better understanding of guidelines, KPIs and best practice in ART.


  • FDA Safety Alert

    Important Safety Alert Regarding Use of Fecal Microbiota for Transplantation and Risk of Serious Adverse Reactions Due to Transmission of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms was issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    FDA is informing health care providers and patients of the potential risk of serious or life-threatening infections with the use of fecal microbiota for transplantation (FMT). The agency is now aware of bacterial infections caused by multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) that have occurred due to transmission of a MDRO from use of investigational FMT. 

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The database is continually updated and currently new cases are being collected and submitted to editorial working groups in order to increase the database content and scope.