Educational Materials

Health Authorities and health professionals may take advantage of training course materials aiming to provide knowledge for the development of biovigilance and haemovigilance systems.

This section of the Notify Library intends to provide information that could be transferred in each national setting.

Record of a WHO Training Workshop on Haemovigilance

This website contains the agenda, slide set in English and French, and related reference materials from an online WHO training workshop on haemovigilance that took place on 20-23 October 2020, as one activity listed under the WHO Action Framework on Advance Universal Access to safe, effective and quality assured blood product, 2020-2023. The workshop was supported by the International Society of Blood Transfusion Working Party on Haemovigilance, International Haemovigilance Network, Etablissement Francais du Sang, Paul Ehrlich Institute and Centro Nazionale Trapianti (WHO Collaborating Centre on Vigilance and Surveillance for Human Cells, Tissues and Organs). The Workshop intended to train blood operators, hospital transfusion services, and health authorities on the principles and practices of haemovigilance.

Interested parties are welcome to utilize these contents as a resource. The workshop was conceived by the African Blood Regulators Forum of the African Regulatory Harmonization Initiative as a pilot capacity building excercise for anglophone and francophone countries of Africe highlighting the development of haemovigilance system in Zambia and Burundi.

The programme provides a foundational discussion of haemovigilance that may be useful to decision makers and stakeholders in any country engaged in design and implementation of a national haemovigilance system.

The terminology used in the workshop materials does not always incorporate Notify adverse occurrence taxonomy. Nevetheless, the information provided is highly valuable for the vigilance field.

Additionally, to further disseminate the principles and practices of haemovigilance in Africa, specifically for Eswatini and Mauritius, WHO African Regional Office has repeated the online training workshop on Haemovigilance, on 10-12 November 2021.  The workshop aimed to raise awareness within the Ministry of Health, the NRAs and the NBTS with oversight of blood products, blood establishments and hospitals on the need for a nationally organized hemovigilance system. This workshop was supported by the International Haemovigilance Network (IHN) and International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) Working Party for Haemovigilance. Similar topics with previous training workshop for Zambia and Burundi was presented with additional speaker from Australia. Participants came not only from Eswatini and Mauritius but also from fourteen other African countries.

Eventually, further training materials related to the WHO Guidance on Policy brief of Patient Blood Management, clinical use of blood and Hemovigilance system is availble in all WHO languages except for Spanish.

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