Transmission of Toxoplasma gondii infection by liver transplantation.

TitleTransmission of Toxoplasma gondii infection by liver transplantation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMayes JT, O'Connor BJ, Avery R, Castellani W, Carey W
JournalClin Infect Dis
Pagination511 - 5
Date PublishedSep
Accession Number8527535
KeywordsAdult, Brain, Female, Heart, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Humans, Immunocompromised Host, Liver Transplantation, Lung, Myocardium, Tissue Donors, Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is an important disease in immunocompromised hosts, particularly in patients with AIDS and in heart transplant recipients. Infection with Toxoplasma is less commonly seen in recipients of other solid organ transplants. We report a case of fulminant disseminated infection with Toxoplasma after liver transplantation. Despite numerous diagnostic studies including open lung biopsy, toxoplasmosis was diagnosed only at the time of autopsy and involved the brain, spinal cord, pituitary gland, lungs, and heart. Toxoplasmosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of multiorgan failure in the early period after liver transplantation. If mismatched serologies could be identified then clinical suspicion might be higher and prophylactic or empirical therapy could be instituted. The United Network for Organ Sharing (Richmond, VA) should consider including serology for Toxoplasma in the testing of donors.

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