Depression, anxiety, and associated psychological outcomes in living organ transplant donors: A systematic review

TitleDepression, anxiety, and associated psychological outcomes in living organ transplant donors: A systematic review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsOng JQ, Lim LJ, Ho RC, Ho CS
Date PublishedMay-Jun

With increasing demands for living organ donations, understanding the prevalence of depression and anxiety, which are the commonest psychiatric disorders in donors following organ transplantation, will serve to improve psychiatric care to safeguard donors' mental wellbeing. This descriptive systematic review examines all observational studies in English investigating prevalence of depression and anxiety in adult transplant donors using bibliographic databases. Sixty-two papers were included (kidney, n = 25; liver, n = 25; bone marrow, n = 7; uterus, n = 2; lung, n = 1; kidney and lung concurrently, n = 2). Post-transplantation depression and anxiety prevalence rates (Depression: 0-46.9%, Anxiety: 0-66.7%) did not differ significantly from pre-transplantation and were largely comparable to the general population. Other psychiatric disorders observed included bipolar disorder, conversion disorder, adjustment disorder and sleep disorder. Other psychological outcomes observed included lower quality of life, lower satisfaction of life and regret after donation. Pre-donation risk factors such as poor physical/psychological health status, and post-donation risk factors such as complicated post-surgical recovery and poor physical/psychological health in recipients were identified, predisposing donors to poor psychological outcomes. Individuals with risk factors should be monitored and provided with social support, psychoeducation, psychotherapy and long-term follow up. Future studies should adopt consistent methodological approaches to improve comparability between various studies. More research investigating poor psychological outcomes in other organ donors besides kidney and liver donors, donors who have past psychiatric history, unrelated and parent donors is warranted.

Alternate JournalGen Hosp Psychiatry
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