Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction caused by a primary immune response.

TitleDelayed hemolytic transfusion reaction caused by a primary immune response.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsPatten E, Reddi CR, Riglin H, Edwards J
Pagination248 - 50
Date Published1982
ISBN Number0041-1132
Other Numberswdn, 0417360
Keywords*Anemia, Hemolytic/et [Etiology], *Blood Transfusion/ae [Adverse Effects], Adult, Anemia, Hemolytic/im [Immunology], Antibody Affinity, Antibody Formation, Female, Humans, Infant, Newborn, Lewis Blood-Group System/im [Immunology], Male, Rh-Hr Blood-Group System/im [Immunology], Time Factors

Delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions usually occur as a result of a secondary immune response with maximal hemolysis occurring seven days posttransfusion. We report a delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction in which hemoglobinuria, anemia, and reticulocytosis developed four weeks after transfusion. The incriminated antibody, anti-C, was first detected eight weeks posttransfusion using enzyme-treated red blood cells. We conclude, that in all likelihood, this hemolytic transfusion reaction was due to a primary immune response, this case illustrates the importance of sequential testing in cases of suspected transfusion reactions.

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