Transfusion reactions in pediatric compared with adult patients: a look at rate, reaction type, and associated products.

TitleTransfusion reactions in pediatric compared with adult patients: a look at rate, reaction type, and associated products.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsOakley FD, Woods M, Arnold S, Young PP
Pagination563 - 70
Date Published2015
ISBN Number1537-2995
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Keywords*Transfusion Reaction/ep [Epidemiology], Acute Lung Injury/ep [Epidemiology], Acute Lung Injury/et [Etiology], Adult, Age Distribution, Age of Onset, Blood Component Transfusion/ae [Adverse Effects], Blood Group Incompatibility/ep [Epidemiology], Blood Group Incompatibility/et [Etiology], Blood Safety, Blood Transfusion/ae [Adverse Effects], Child, Factor VIII/ae [Adverse Effects], Female, Fibrinogen/ae [Adverse Effects], Humans, Hypotension/ep [Epidemiology], Hypotension/et [Etiology], Incidence, Male, Plasma, Prospective Studies, Sex Distribution, Shock/ep [Epidemiology], Shock/et [Etiology], Tennessee/ep [Epidemiology], Transfusion Reaction/cl [Classification], Transfusion Reaction/et [Etiology]

BACKGROUND: The majority of reports on transfusion reactions address adult patients. Less is known about the types, incidence, and other clinical details of transfusion reactions in pediatric populations. Furthermore, to our knowledge, there have been no previous reports directly comparing these aspects between adults and pediatric patient populations to assess if there are differences., STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Between the period of January 1, 2011, and February 1, 2013, all reported adult and pediatric transfusion reactions at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) were evaluated by transfusion medicine clinical service. The information was subsequently shared with the hemovigilance database. Data provided to hemovigilance included age, sex, blood product associated with the reaction, severity of the reaction, and the type of transfusion reactions. These were collated with hospital and blood bank information system-acquired data on overall admission and product transfusion., RESULTS: A total of 133,671 transfusions were performed at VUMC during the study period including 20,179 platelet (PLT) transfusions, 31,605 plasma transfusions, 79,933 red blood cell (RBC) transfusions, and 2154 cryoprecipitate transfusions. Over the same period, 108 pediatric and 277 adult transfusion reactions were recorded. This corresponds to an incidence of 6.2 reactions per 1000 transfusions within the pediatric (age

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