[Rabies transmission through organ transplantation]

Title[Rabies transmission through organ transplantation]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsWohlsein P, Baumgartner W, Kreipe HH, Haverich A, Hori A, Stan AC
Date PublishedSep
Accession Number21732080
KeywordsAdult, Brain / pa [Pathology], Eisenmenger Complex / su [Surgery], Encephalomyelitis / pa [Pathology], Female, Humans, IM, Immunohistochemistry, Inclusion Bodies, Viral / pa [Pathology], Lung Transplantation, Microscopy, Electron, Middle Aged, Neurons / pa [Pathology], Rabies / pa [Pathology], Rabies / tm [Transmission], Tissue Donors, Virion

Classic rabies is a progressive and lethal infectious disease of animals, which may be transmitted to humans. Inter-human infections are extremely rare. The present case describes transmittal of rabies virus by lung transplantation from an infected donor. Histologically, a lymphocytic encephalomyelitis with neuronal cytoplasmic inclusion bodies was found. Immunohistochemically, rabies virus antigen was detected in the central, autonomous and peripheral nervous system. By means of electron microscopy, virions were demonstrated in the brain. A central task of health care in transplantations is the detection of uncommon infectious agents and the prevention of their transmittal.

Alternate JournalPathologe
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