The Italian multiorgan donor cancer screening protocol: 2002-2005 experience

TitleThe Italian multiorgan donor cancer screening protocol: 2002-2005 experience
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsZucchini N, Fiorentino M, D'Errico Grigioni A, Rizzato L, Venettoni S, Nanni Costa A, Grigioni WF
Issue8 Suppl
PaginationS57 - 60
Date Published46478
ISSN0041-1337 (Print) 0041-1337 (Linking)
Accession Number18425038
Keywords*Patient Selection, *Tissue Donors, Female, Humans, Italy, Male, Mass Screening / *methods, Neoplasms / *epidemiology, Risk Assessment

BACKGROUND: We describe the results of the application of the Italian donor cancer screening protocol to all the 7608 candidate multiorgan donors presented in Italy in 2002-2005. METHODS: All suspect findings raised in the two presurgical and surgical phases of the protocol were investigated by extemporary pathologic evaluation. Donors were classified as standard risk (no transmissible risk); nonstandard risk (low-risk of transmission, eligibility restricted to certified clinical emergencies pending informed consent); and unacceptable risk (unconditional exclusion because of high-risk pathologies). RESULTS: The protocol was successfully implemented for all 7608 candidates. In addition to 8 (0.1%) independent exclusions, clinical suspicion of cancer was raised for 337 (4.6%) donors. According to pathological examination 198 donors (2.6%) were judged at unacceptable risk of tumor transmission; 80 (1%) were included in the "standard risk". Used standard risk and nonstandard risk donors provided a total of 241 organs in 231 recipients. Although no suspect was raised after implementation of the protocol, a malignant tumor was discovered after organ transplantation in 14 (0.2%) donors. All the recipients transplanted with organs from ascertained nonstandard risk donors or from neoplastic donors who donated by accident have been carefully followed. At the time of most recent follow-up no donor/recipient tumor transmission has been reported. CONCLUSIONS: Implementation of the multiorgan cancer screening protocol is feasible at a national level in Italy. In view of the increasing demand for organs our protocol provides a useful tool for rationalization of the use of organs from neoplastic marginal donors.

DOI10.1097/TP.0b013e31816c2d42 00007890-200804271-00004 [pii]
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