New autoimmune diseases after cord blood transplantation

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Most autoimmune diseases (AD) in 41 patients were hematologic (ie, cytopenias such as AIHA, n = 20; Evans syndrome, n = 9; ITP, n = 11; and immune neutropenia, n = 1). Thyroiditis (n = 3), psoriasis (n = 2), Graves disease (n = 1), membranous glomerulonephritis (n = 2), RA (n = 1), ulcerative colitis (n = 1), and SLE (n = 1) were also diagnosed. Four patients developed sequentially 2 ADs: 3 had ITP followed by AIHA 3, 7, and 12 months later and 1 patient with Evans syndrome developed RA 26 months later. Development from 5 weeks up to more than 10 years after CBT
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Cohort study analyzed both CBT recipients reported to EUROCORD who had developed at least 1 new AD and those who had not
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2 Probable
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Daikeler T, Labopin M, Ruggeri A, et al. New autoimmune diseases after cord blood transplantation: a retrospective study of EUROCORD and the Autoimmune Disease Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Blood. 2013 Feb 7;121(6):1059-64