Transmissions of hepatitis C virus during the ancillary procedures for assisted conception.

TitleTransmissions of hepatitis C virus during the ancillary procedures for assisted conception.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsLesourd F, Izopet J, Mervan C, Payen JL, Sandres K, Monrozies X, Parinaud J
JournalHum Reprod
Pagination1083 - 5
Date PublishedMay
Accession Number10783357
KeywordsAdult, Ancillary Services, Hospital, Cross Infection, Female, Fertilization in Vitro, Hepacivirus, Hepatitis C, Humans, Interferon-alpha, Phylogeny, Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Multiple

Since mother to child transmissions of hepatitis C virus (HCV) have been reported to be low, teams involved in assisted reproductive technologies have accepted HCV positive patients into their programmes. We report in the present paper two cases of undoubted patient to patient HCV transmission while patients were attending for assisted conception. In both cases, HCV genotyping and sequencing of the first hypervariable region of the HCV genome provided molecular evidence for nosocomial transmission. Investigations made to elucidate the route of contamination have shown that the most likely route of contamination is through healthcare workers. Such nosocomial HCV infection has been reported in other healthcare situations, mainly in dialysis units, and physical proximity was also suspected to be at the origin of the infection. We conclude that assisted reproduction teams must be very prudent when including such patients in their programmes.

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