Donor transmitted anaplastic carcinoma in a kidney-transplant recipient

TitleDonor transmitted anaplastic carcinoma in a kidney-transplant recipient
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKrapp JD, Brauer RB, Matevossian E, Gerauer KE, Thorban S, Becker K, Stangl MJ
JournalTranspl Int
Pagination1109 - 12
Date PublishedSep
ISSN0934-0874 (Print) 0934-0874 (Linking)
Accession Number16101732
Keywords*Tissue Donors, Brain Neoplasms / pathology, Carcinoma / *etiology / *secondary, Humans, Immunosuppression, Kidney Neoplasms / *etiology / *secondary, Kidney Transplantation / *adverse effects, Male, Middle Aged

With the more frequent use of organs from elderly donors, the risk of transmitting tumor cells to the recipient increases. We report a case in which anaplastic carcinoma tumor cells from an organ-donor were transmitted to a kidney transplantation recipient. The donor's metastatic disease was discovered 7 days after harvest of the kidney following a brain biopsy undertaken at admission of the donor. The risk of transmitting the disease was generally estimated as so small that the excellently functioning kidney was not removed. Twelve weeks later, however, malignant cells were found in a biopsy of the transplanted kidney. The organ was removed immediately, but the intraoperative situs showed advanced disease with lymph-node-metastasis. Twelve months later no tumor progress could be detected. This case shows that there is considerable risk of transmitting formerly undetected cancer in elderly donors. Autopsies of donors who are older than 60 years of age should be routinely performed after organ donation.

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