Extended-donor criteria liver allografts

TitleExtended-donor criteria liver allografts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAlkofer B, Samstein B, Guarrera JV, Kin C, Jan D, Bellemare S, Kinkhabwala M, Brown R., Emond JC, Renz JF
JournalSemin Liver Dis
Pagination221 - 33
Date PublishedAug
ISSN0272-8087 (Print) 0272-8087 (Linking)
Accession Number16850371
Keywords*Donor Selection, *Liver Transplantation, Hepatitis B / complications / transmission, Hepatitis C / complications / transmission, HTLV-I Infections / complications / transmission, Humans, Informed Consent, Severity of Illness Index, Tissue Donors / *supply & distribution, Waiting Lists

Extended-donor criteria liver allografts do not meet traditional criteria for transplantation. Although these organs offer immediate expansion of the donor pool, transplantation of extended-donor criteria liver allografts increases potential short- and long-term risk to the recipient. This risk may manifest as impaired allograft function or donor-transmitted disease. Guidelines defining this category of donor, level of acceptable risk, principles of consent, and post-transplantation surveillance have not been defined. This article reviews the utilization, ethical considerations, and outcomes of extended-donor criteria liver allografts.

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