Large choledochal cyst present through 2 pregnancies. A case report

TitleLarge choledochal cyst present through 2 pregnancies. A case report
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsFok WY, Yip SK, Leung TN, Leung KF, Chui AK
JournalJ Reprod Med
Pagination482 - 4
Date PublishedJun
Accession Number12856526
KeywordsAdolescent, Cholecystectomy, Choledochal Cyst / *diagnosis / microbiology / pathology / surgery, Diagnosis, Differential, Female, Gallbladder Diseases / *diagnosis, Humans, Infection, Jejunum / surgery, Laparotomy, Liver / surgery, Mucocele / *diagnosis, Pain / etiology, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Complications / *diagnosis / pathology / surgery

BACKGROUND: Choledochal cyst is rarely diagnosed during pregnancy, and it is very difficult to make a diagnosis of it clinically or radiologically. CASE: A woman was diagnosed as having an ovarian cyst and gallbladder mucocele on ultrasonography in both her first and second pregnancies. She was asymptomatic, and conservative management was adopted. Three days after delivery of her second child, the patient had a sudden onset of right upper quadrant pain associated with deranged liver function. Emergency laparotomy revealed a type I choledochal cyst with evidence of infection. Excision of the cyst, cholecystectomy and bilateral hepatojejunostomy in the Roux-en-Y fashion were performed. CONCLUSION: A choledochal cyst in pregnancy is difficult to diagnose and poses a threat to mother and fetus.

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