Consumption of the Placenta in the Postpartum Period

TitleConsumption of the Placenta in the Postpartum Period
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHayes EH
Date PublishedJan-Feb
Keywordsmaternal placentophagy, placenta consumption, placenta encapsulation, placentophagia, placentophagy.

Postpartum women are consuming their placentas to achieve claimed health benefits, including improved mood, energy, and lactation. Strong scientific evidence to substantiate these claims is lacking. Self-reported benefits from some women include improved mood and lactation; animal models suggest there may be an analgesic effect. Possible risks include infection, thromboembolism from estrogens in placental tissue, and accumulation of environmental toxins. Women's health care providers should be aware of this practice to help women make informed decisions.

Alternate JournalJOGN
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