Brucellosis transmitted by bone marrow transplantation

TitleBrucellosis transmitted by bone marrow transplantation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsErtem M, Kurekci AE, Aysev D, Unal E, Ikinciogullari A
JournalBone Marrow Transplantation
Pagination225 - 6
Date PublishedJul
Type of ArticleCase Reports
ISSN0268-3369 (Print) 0268-3369 (Linking)
Accession Number10918436
KeywordsBone Marrow Cells / virology, Bone Marrow Transplantation / *adverse effects, Brucella abortus, Brucellosis / drug therapy / *etiology / *transmission, Child, Disease Transmission, Infectious, Fanconi Anemia / complications / therapy, Fever, Humans, Male, Nuclear Family, Transplantation, Homologous

We report a unique case of brucellosis transmitted by BMT. An 8-year-old boy with the diagnosis of Fanconi's anemia received an allogeneic BMT from his HLA-identical sibling. Routine culture from the infused marrow suspension grew Brucella abortus on day +4 post BMT. Spiking fevers occurred on days +2 and +16. The first febrile episode responded to broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy. However, the second episode did not. B. abortus was isolated from blood cultures taken during the second febrile episode. The Brucella agglutination titer was negative. Antibiotic therapy with oral doxycycline and i.v. gentamycin was successful with no recurrence of infection during 13 months of follow-up. The donor's blood culture was also positive for B. abortus and Brucella antibodies were detectable at 1:320 titer when he presented with fever and hepatosplenomegaly on day +32. We emphasize the need to consider brucellosis in patients undergoing BMT. We suggest that donor and recipient be evaluated for brucellosis especially in countries where the incidence of this infection is relatively high.

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