Phylogenetic analysis of a transfusion-transmitted hepatitis A outbreak

TitlePhylogenetic analysis of a transfusion-transmitted hepatitis A outbreak
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHettmann A, Juhász G, Dencs Á, Tresó B, Rusvai E, Barabás È, Takács M
Date PublishedFeb

A transfusion-associated hepatitis A outbreak was found in the first time in Hungary. The outbreak involved five cases. Parenteral transmission of hepatitis A is rare, but may occur during viraemia. Direct sequencing of nested PCR products was performed, and all the examined samples were identical in the VP1/2A region of the hepatitis A virus genome. HAV sequences found in recent years were compared and phylogenetic analysis showed that the strain which caused these cases is the same as that had spread in Hungary recently causing several hepatitis A outbreaks throughout the country.

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