Transmission of Hepatitis A Virus through Combined Liver-Small Intestine-Pancreas Transplantation.

TitleTransmission of Hepatitis A Virus through Combined Liver-Small Intestine-Pancreas Transplantation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFoster MA, Weil LM, Jin S, Johnson T, Hayden-Mixson TR, Khudyakov Y, Annambhotla PD, Basavaraju SV, Kamili S, Ritter JM, Nelson N, Mazariegos G, Green M, Himes RW, Kuhar DT, Kuehnert MJ, Miller JA, Wiseman R, Moorman AC
JournalEmerging infectious diseases//Emerg Infect Dis
Pagination590 - 596
Date Published2017
ISBN Number1080-60591080-6040
Other Numberscod, 9508155

Although transmission of hepatitis A virus (HAV) through blood transfusion has been documented, transmission through organ transplantation has not been reported. In August 2015, state health officials in Texas, USA, were notified of 2 home health nurses with HAV infection whose only common exposure was a child who had undergone multi-visceral organ transplantation 9 months earlier. Specimens from the nurses, organ donor, and all organ recipients were tested and medical records reviewed to determine a possible infection source. Identical HAV RNA sequences were detected from the serum of both nurses and the organ donor, as well as from the multi-visceral organ recipient's serum and feces; this recipient's posttransplant liver and intestine biopsy specimens also had detectable virus. The other organ recipients tested negative for HAV RNA. Vaccination of the donor might have prevented infection in the recipient and subsequent transmission to the healthcare workers.

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