Deceased donor organ procurement injuries in the United States.

TitleDeceased donor organ procurement injuries in the United States.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsTaber TE, Neidlinger NA, Mujtaba MA, Eidbo EE, Cauwels RL, Hannan EM, Miller JR, Paramesh AS
JournalWorld journal of transplantation//World j. transplant.
Pagination423 - 8
Date Published2016
ISBN Number2220-3230
Other Numbers101608356

AIM: To determine the incidence of surgical injury during deceased donor organ procurements., METHODS: Organ damage was classified into three tiers, from 1-3, with the latter rendering the organ non-transplantable. For 12 consecutive months starting in January of 2014, 36 of 58 organ procurement organization's (OPO)'s prospectively submitted quality data regarding organ damage (as reported by the transplanting surgeon and confirmed by the OPO medical director) seen on the procured organ., RESULTS: These 36 OPOs recovered 5401 of the nations's 8504 deceased donors for calendar year 2014. A total of 19043 organs procured were prospectively analyzed. Of this total, 59 organs sustained damage making them non-transplantable (0 intestines; 4 pancreata; 5 lungs; 6 livers; 43 kidneys). The class 3 damage was spread over 22 (of 36) reporting OPO's., CONCLUSION: While damage to the procured organ is rare with organ loss being approximately 0.3% of procured organs, loss of potential transplantable organs does occur during procurement.

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