Hypotensive transfusion reactions in the era of prestorage leukoreduction.

TitleHypotensive transfusion reactions in the era of prestorage leukoreduction.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPagano MB, Ness PM, Chajewski OS, King KE, Wu YY, Tobian AA
Pagination1668 - 74
Date Published2015
ISBN Number1537-2995
Other Numberswdn, 0417360

BACKGROUND: Clinical characteristics of hypotensive transfusion reactions (HyTRs) have not been evaluated in the context of universal prestorage leukoreduction., STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: A retrospective review of medical records of patients with HyTRs during the years 2011 and 2012 was performed at two academic medical institutions., RESULTS: Thirty-five patients with 35 HyTRs were identified, with an incidence of 1.33 per 10,000 transfusions. Red blood cells (RBCs) were implicated in 21 (60.0%) reactions and platelets (PLTs) and plasma (PL) in 11 (31.4%) and three (8.6%), respectively. The HyTR rate per blood component was 0.019% for PLTs, 0.015% for RBCs, and 0.006% for PL. Mean patient age was 65 years (range, 2 months-87 years), five (14.3%) were pediatric (

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