A Marrow Harvest Procedure under Local-Anesthesia

TitleA Marrow Harvest Procedure under Local-Anesthesia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsDicke KA, Hood DL, Hanks S, Vaughan M, Fulbright L, Dicke JA, Arneson M, Blumenschein G
JournalExperimental Hematology
Pagination1229 - 1232
Date PublishedOct
Accession NumberISI:A1995RX94700015

This report details a bone marrow harvest procedure performed outside the hospital setting under local anesthesia, thereby avoiding many of the risks associated with the traditional surgical procedure. In approximately 30 minutes, 450 milliliters of marrow can be collected from eight bone punctures, containing a median of 4.18x10(9) cells and 33x10(6) progenitor cells as defined by CD34 expression. Reinfusion of a median 1.2x10(6) CD34(+) cells/kg in 10 breast cancer and lung cancer patients after dose-intensive chemotherapy resulted in the recovery of granulocytes >100/mm(3) by day 14 and platelets >20,000 by day 21. Without progenitor cell support, such recoveries could take 30 and 40 days, respectively. Collection of marrow using this protocol does not compromise the engraftment capability of the progenitor cells, seldom necessitates blood product support, is safer for the patient, and reduces the cost of harvesting by 75% compared to inpatient or day surgery procedures.

Short TitleA Marrow Harvest Procedure under Local-Anesthesia
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