Ochrobactrum anthropi meningitis in pediatric pericardial allograft transplant recipients

TitleOchrobactrum anthropi meningitis in pediatric pericardial allograft transplant recipients
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsChang HJ, Christenson JC, Pavia AT, Bobrin BD, Bland LA, Carson LA, Arduino MJ, Verma P, Aguero SM, Carroll K, Jenkins E, Daly JA, Woods ML, Jarvis WR
JournalJ Infect Dis
Pagination656 - 60
Date PublishedMar
ISSN0022-1899 (Print) 0022-1899 (Linking)
Accession Number8627029
KeywordsAlcaligenes / isolation & purification / *pathogenicity, Child, Child, Preschool, Cross Infection / *etiology / microbiology, Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections / *etiology / microbiology, Humans, Male, Meningitis, Bacterial / *etiology / microbiology, Neurosurgery, Pericardium / microbiology / *transplantation, Pseudomonas / isolation & purification

An epidemiologic investigation was done after 3 patients contracted Ochrobactrum anthropi meningitis at one hospital in October 1994. Neurosurgical patients with pericardial tissue implants were at greater risk of infection than other neurosurgical patients (3/14 vs. 0/566; P<.001 cultures="" of="" implants="" removed="" from="" case-patients="" an="" implant="" at="" implantation="" a="" nonimplanted="" pericardial="" tissue="" and="" unwrapped="" but="" unopened="" bottle="" hank="" balanced="" salt="" solution="" grew="" o.="" anthropi.="" patient="" isolates="" had="" identical="" genotypes="" the="" isolate="" hbss="" unique="" genotype.="" culture="" samples="" pseudomonas="" stutzeri="" same="" genotype="" however="" no="" p.="" infections="" were="" detected.="" investigation="" documented="" intrinsic="" contamination="" hbss.="" anthropi="" tissues="" occurred="" during="" processing="" possibly="" due="" to="" extrinsic="" active="" surveillance="" is="" needed="" detect="" infection="" in="" patients="" receiving="" transplanted="" rigorous="" control="" practice="" are="" necessary="" harvesting="" ensure="" sterility.="">

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