[Strongyloidiasis following kidney transplantation]

Title[Strongyloidiasis following kidney transplantation]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsBriner J, Eckert J, Frei D, Largiadèr F, Binswanger U, Blumberg A
JournalSchweiz Med Wochenschr
Pagination1632 - 7
Date PublishedOct
Accession Number360382
KeywordsChronic Disease, Humans, Kidney Transplantation, Male, Middle Aged, Postoperative Complications, Strongyloides, Strongyloidiasis, Transplantation Immunology, Transplantation, Homologous, Tropical Climate

A 50-year-old Swiss male died from strongyloidiasis 8 weeks after renal allotransplantation. Past history revealed malaria at age 20 years, when the patient had stayed in tropical and subtropical areas, as well as pulmonary tuberculosis. Hypertension, erythrocyturia, proteinuria and unexplained episodes of blood eosinophilia were first noticed age 45, and 4 years later dialysis was started. A mild acute rejection crisis was successfully treated 4 weeks after transplantation. 2 weeks later, however, bilateral pneumonia developed. Despite vigorous antibiotic and tuberculostatic therapy the patient died in septic shock. Autopsy revealed strongyloidiasis with adult females, eggs and rhabditiform larvae of Strongloides stercoralis in the small intestine. Numerous filariform larvae were detected in the lungs, in the walls of bronchi and trachea, in the brain, in the walls of arteries, and in lymphnodes. Massive granulomatous inflammatory reaction and extensive pulmonary hemorrhage were the main pathological findings.

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