Allograft bone. The influence of processing on safety and performance

TitleAllograft bone. The influence of processing on safety and performance
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBoyce T, Edwards J, Scarborough N
JournalOrthop Clin North Am
Pagination571 - 81
Date PublishedOct
Accession Number10471762
Keywords*Bone Transplantation / pathology / physiology, *Tissue Preservation / methods, Biology, Biomechanics, Bone and Bones / virology, Graft Survival, Humans, Safety, Sterilization, Technology, Medical, Transplantation, Homologous, Virus Diseases / prevention & control / transmission, Wound Healing

Advances in tissue processing technology have been important for the successful use of bone allografts. The challenge is to prepare allografts that are well cleaned, sterile, and free of viruses while still preserving the natural biologic and biomechanical properties of the tissue. This article discusses how processing techniques aimed at achieving safety and sterility can affect the properties vital for graft incorporation and healing.

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