Morbidity at Bone Graft Donor Sites

TitleMorbidity at Bone Graft Donor Sites
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsYounger EM, Chapman MW
Date PublishedSeptember
Accession Number00005131-198909000-00002
KeywordsBone graft donor, Clinical Medicine., Infection.., Morbidity

Summary: A review of the medical records of 239 patients with 243 autogenous bone grafts was undertaken to document the morbidity at the donor sites. The overall major complication rate was 8.6%. Major complications included infection (2.5%), prolonged wound drainage (0.8%), large hematomas (3.3%), reoperation (3.8%), pain greater than 6 months (2.5%), sensory loss (1.2%), and unsightly scars. Minor complications (20.6%) included superficial infection, minor wound problems, temporary sensory loss, and mild or resolving pain. There was a much higher complication rate (17.9% major) if the incision used for the surgery was also the same incision used to harvest the bone graft. (C) Lippincott-Raven Publishers.

Alternate JournalJ.Orthop.Trauma
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