Advanced donor-origin melanoma in a renal transplant recipient: immunotherapy, cure, and retransplantation

TitleAdvanced donor-origin melanoma in a renal transplant recipient: immunotherapy, cure, and retransplantation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSuranyi MG, Hogan PG, Falk MC, Axelsen RA, Rigby R, Hawley C, Petrie J
Pagination655 - 661
Date PublishedSep 15
ISSN0041-1337; 0041-1337
Accession NumberPMID: 9753350
KeywordsAdult, Antineoplastic Agents / therapeutic use, Female, Humans, Immunosuppressive Agents / therapeutic use, Interferon-alpha / therapeutic use, Kidney Transplantation / adverse effects / immunology, Male, Melanoma / immunology / pathology, Middle Aged, Recombinant Proteins, Tissue Donors, Transplantation Immunology

BACKGROUND: A kidney transplant recipient inadvertently contracted donor-origin melanoma, which was found to be very advanced at presentation. Withdrawal of immunosuppression failed to induce rejection, and interferon-alpha was required. When florid allograft rejection was in progress, the allograft was removed, before it was recognized that the transplanted melanoma was not being simultaneously rejected. METHODS: Subsequent immunotherapy was required, which largely recapitulated treatment of recognized value in autologous melanoma and included interferon-alpha, use of cultured melanoma cells as tumor vaccine, pooled allogeneic cell vaccination, and adoptive immunotherapy using lymphokine-activated killer cells. RESULTS: Prolonged immunotherapy eradicated the widespread malignancy, and the patient went on to a successful second renal transplant, with follow-up of over 24 months. CONCLUSIONS: This unique case demonstrates the successful cure of advanced transplanted melanoma through the use of immunotherapy, which did not require sophisticated tumor vaccine technology, and successful retransplantation.

Alternate JournalTransplantation
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