Transfer of embryos from yeast-colonized dishes

TitleTransfer of embryos from yeast-colonized dishes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBen-Chetrit A, Shen O, Haran E, Brooks B, Geva-Eldar T, Margalioth EJ
JournalFertil Steril
Pagination335 - 7
Date PublishedAug
ISSN0015-0282 (Print) 0015-0282 (Linking)
Accession Number8690126
KeywordsAdult, Candida albicans / *growth & development, Candidiasis / complications, Embryo Transfer / *methods / standards, Embryo, Mammalian / *microbiology / *physiology, Embryonic and Fetal Development / *physiology, Female, Fertilization in Vitro / methods, Humans, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Rate, Retrospective Studies

OBJECTIVE: To report yeast colonization in IVF dishes, where ET was carried out, and the IVF outcome was not compromised. DESIGN: Retrospective study of patients who underwent IVF cycle during the last 4 years. SETTING: In vitro fertilization program at the Shaare-Zedek hospital in Jerusalem. PATIENTS: Five couples who underwent standard IVF cycles and whose dishes were colonized with yeast. After thorough discussion ET was carried out. RESULTS: Although colonized with yeast, the quality of the embryos was not compromised. One to three of these embryos were transferred. All five women conceived. CONCLUSIONS: In vitro fertilization outcome is not necessarily compromised by yeast colonization. Nevertheless, the possible teratogenic effect of yeast on embryos has not been investigated and research is required to address this concern.

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