Bone allografts of femoral heads: procurement and storage

TitleBone allografts of femoral heads: procurement and storage
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsTomford WW, Ploetz JE, Mankin HJ
JournalJ Bone Joint Surg Am
Pagination534 - 7
Date PublishedApr
ISSN0021-9355 (Print)
Accession Number3957976
Keywords*Femur Head / transplantation, Freezing, Humans, Quality Control, Specimen Handling / *methods / standards, Tissue Banks, Tissue Preservation / *methods / standards

Orthopaedists are increasingly using femoral heads as bone grafts, which can be easily stored by freezing without elaborate equipment and with minimum personnel involved. Our experience has shown that if standard sterile techniques are followed in procurement and storage, an abundant supply of useful allografts can be ensured.

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