Fate of a renal tubulopapillary adenoma transmitted by an organ donor

TitleFate of a renal tubulopapillary adenoma transmitted by an organ donor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBarrou B, Bitker MO, Delcourt A, Ourahma S, Richard F
Pagination540 - 1
Date PublishedAug 15
Accession Number11502993
KeywordsAdenoma, Villous / *etiology / mortality / pathology, Bone Neoplasms / mortality / secondary, Fatal Outcome, Female, Heart Transplantation / adverse effects, Humans, Kidney Neoplasms / *etiology / mortality / pathology, Kidney Transplantation / *adverse effects, Male, Middle Aged, Reoperation, Tissue Donors

Organ transplantation from cadaveric donors has a risk of cancer transmission. However, some reports indicate that kidneys bearing small carcinomas can be safely transplanted, as can other organs harvested from the same donor. We report herein the case of two allograft recipients (left kidney and heart with no evidence of tumor) who developed a renal carcinoma soon after transplantation. The initial tumor of the donor was a 17-mm tubulopapillary adenoma found on the right kidney, which was not transplanted. The left kidney recipient rejected all residual tumoral cells after graft removal and immunosuppression discontinuation. The heart recipient died 7 months after transplantation from metastasis of a renal carcinoma. This strongly suggests that circulating carcinoma cells were present at the time of organ retrieval and that they were not cleared by in situ perfusion. In contrast with the literature data, this report indicates that patients with small renal tubulopapillary tumors should not be considered for organ donation.

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