The pathology of bone allograft

TitleThe pathology of bone allograft
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsPalmer SH, Gibbons CL, Athanasou NA
JournalJ Bone Joint Surg Br
Pagination333 - 5
Date PublishedMar
Accession Number10204946
KeywordsBone Banks / *standards, Bone Transplantation / *standards, Femur Head / *pathology / *transplantation, Humans, Osteoarthritis, Hip / surgery, Retrospective Studies, Transplantation, Homologous / standards

We analysed the histological findings in 1146 osteoarthritic femoral heads which would have been considered suitable for bone-bank donation to determine whether pathological lesions, other than osteoarthritis, were present. We found that 91 femoral heads (8%) showed evidence of disease. The most common conditions noted were chondrocalcinosis (63 cases), avascular necrosis (13), osteomas (6) and malignant tumours (one case of low-grade chondrosarcoma and two of well-differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma). There were two with metabolic bone disease (Paget's disease and hyperparathyroid bone disease) and four with inflammatory (rheumatoid-like) arthritis. Our findings indicate that occult pathological conditions are common and it is recommended that histological examination of this regularly used source of bone allograft should be included as part of the screening protocol for bone-bank collection.

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