Quality and safety in the Italian donor evaluation process

TitleQuality and safety in the Italian donor evaluation process
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsNanni Costa A, Grossi P, Gianelli Castiglione A, Grigioni WF
Issue8 Suppl
PaginationS52 - 6
Date Published46478
ISSN0041-1337 (Print) 0041-1337 (Linking)
Accession Number18425037
Keywords*Patient Selection, Age Distribution, Health Status, Humans, Italy, Middle Aged, Neoplasms, Physical Examination, Risk Assessment, Tissue Donors / *statistics & numerical data

BACKGROUND: The shortage of available organs, has increasingly prompted the use of elderly donors, with a consequent growth of possible risk factors. In this context the risk of donor-recipient transmission of infectious or neoplastic pathologies may be considered as a major issue; in each case for each organ potentially available, acceptable quality must be provided and unacceptable risks must be avoided. METHODS: We are presenting here the process of risk management followed by the Italian centers. In 2001, the Italian National Transplant Centre created a national commission of experts, with the mission of defining guidelines for the evaluation process of the potential organ donor. As a supplement to these measures, the Italian National Transplant Centre has supported transplant network health workers through ad hoc developed information tools and an expert task force (second opinion) for evaluation of doubtful cases. RESULTS: Starting from the date of guidelines application and second opinion start up, 9519 potential cadaveric donors were reported in Italy. Of these, 1611 presented a neoplastic or infectious risk. Over this period, 4861 donors were used for transplantation, equal to 48.5% of reported donors. Among the 1611 donors, who had been diagnosed at risk, 674 were neoplastic-disease affected donors and 937 infection-disease affected donors. CONCLUSIONS: At the European level, several new activities have been recently implemented to increase organ safety. In Italy, new guidelines and actions to ensure organ safety have been implemented. The evaluation of the impact of these actions will be performed in the near future.

DOI10.1097/TP.0b013e31816c2f05 00007890-200804271-00003 [pii]
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