Clone of Iron deficiency (plasma apheresis donors)

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A total of 48 adult white males between ages 40 to 65 participated in the study; 43 were study subjects and 5 were controls. Eligible study donors were those who had donated platelets or plasma by apheresis without whole blood or RBC donations within 2 years of study enrollment. Lapsed blood donors who had not donated any blood products in the prior 2 years were enrolled as controls. The number of donations in the 12 months preceeding study enrollment determined the donation frequency. Study donors exhibited lower serum ferritin levels than controls (55+/-6 ng/mL vs 230+/-86 ng/mL). However there was no difference in the number who had ferritin levels < 22 ng/mL (0.2 study donors vs 0.0 controls) or who had ferritin levels < 40 ng/mL (0.3 study donors vs 0.2 controls). No study donors or controls had ferritin levels < 12 ng/mL. Study donors also showed evidence of iron-restricted erythropoiesis, demonstrated by decreased log (serum soluble transferrin receptor 1/ferritin).
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Relative iron deficiency, relative iron restricted erythropoeisis
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This pilot study demonstrated that the study subjects, white male platelet- and plasma-apheresis donors, had lower serum ferritin and serum hepcidin, and exhibited evidence of iron-restricted erythropoiesis relative to controls. In addition, the study donors who donated more frequently had lower MCV, reticulocyte hemoglobin concentration, hepcidin concentration, and ferritin.
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platelet-pheresis donor
plasma-pheresis donor
relative iron deficiency
relative iron restricted erythropoeisis
apheresis donation frequency
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Li H, Condon F, Kessler D, Nandi V, Rebosa M, Westerman M, Shaz BH, Ginzburg Y. Evidence of relative iron deficiency in platelet- and plasma-pheresis donors correlates with donation frequency. J Clin Apher. 2016 Dec;31(6):551-558
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The increased risk for relative iron depletion in white male platelet- and plasma-pheresis donors is demonstrated and that frequent apheresis donation correlates with relative iron restricted erythropoiesis is supported in this pilot study. However, the risk of harm or sequelae of relative iron depletion and relative iron restricted erythropoiesis is not discussed or definitively established.