Long-term persistent lymphopenia in HSC donors

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This study shows lymphopenia in 50% of a small sample (n=76) of donors undergoing donor leukoctye collection.
Time to detection: 
Pre-leukocyte collection (in some donors) and weeks to months post leukocyte collection.
Alerting signals, symptoms, evidence of occurrence: 
Blood sample to test lymphocyte counts - no clinical data are reported and the clinical impact if any of lymphopenia in this setting is unknown.
Demonstration of imputability or root cause: 
Association with leukocyte donation, especially in the setting of multiple donations - and comparison to pre-donation counts and the normal range of counts in the population.
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2 Probable
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Long-term persistent lymphopenia in hematopoietic stem cell donors after donation for donor lymphocyte infusion, Nicolini et al, Experimental Hematology 32 (2004) 1033–1039
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Lymphopenia is reported in donors undergoing leukocyte donations for DLI. In some donors lymphopenia is present before collection (presumably related to the prior BM or PSBC collection). Multiple leukocyte donations are more likely to result in persistent lymphopenia. The clinical impact (if any) is unknown.