Case report: Late-onset Atrial myxoma after heart transplant (2011)

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Atrial myxomas are not listed in the Council of Europe Guidelines, as they are benign tumors estimated to occur at a rate of 0.5-1 case per million individuals (topic reviewed at
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13 years
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Asymptomatic, diagnosed by echocardiography screen
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Benign tumor arose in allograft heart (Tumor tissue of same HLA-Typing as donor was type, no HLA-match to recipient)
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3 Definite/Certain/Proven
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Case report
Deceased donor
Heart transplant
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Bamberg CE, von Ziegler F, Weis F, Beiras-Fernandez A, Schmoeckel M, Meiser B, et al. Donor transmitted left atrial myxoma 13 years after heart transplantation. Annals of transplantation : quarterly of the Polish Transplantation Society. 2011;16(4):118-21.
Please add "myxoma" as a new category under Malignancy->Soft Tissue/Sarcoma Carl-Ludwig: did upload the original article, now correct paper.; added HLA typing as method to identify donor origin as this may be helpful as mehtod too.; agree to Michael
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These are benign lesions that occur most commonly in the left atrium. They do have the possibilities of embolization or mitral valve obstruction. Recurrence rate is estimated at 3% following excision. Since this lesion arose 13 years after transplant, it can be considered to have arisen from donor tissue (donor-derived) but most likely was not transmitted at the time of transplant.