Case series: Donor(s) Renal cell, cervical carcinoma (without transmission) (1998)

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N/A: Tumors found in donors (1 cervical squamous cell carcinoma, one 2mm renal cell carcinoma, one 8mm renal cell carcinoma); no tumors in recipients
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Cervical squamous cell carcinoma: found in donor at autopsy the day after transplant; allograft liver removed at day 7 and retransplant performed with second liver. No tumor at 7 years followup. 2 mm renal cell carcinoma: Liver split and given to two recipients; no intervention and recipients without tumor at 1 year followup. 8 mm renal cell carcinoma: Found in donor at time of liver transplant; transplant completed, no intervention; recipient died of GVHD at 7 months; no tumor found at recipient autopsy.
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Cervical carcinoma
renal cell carcinoma
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Detry, O.; Honore, P.; Jacquet, N.; Meurisse, M. Management of recipients of hepatic allografts harvested from donors with malignancy diagnosed shortly after transplantation Clin Transplant 1998; 12 (6) :579 - 81