Review article: DTAC Malignancy Transmission Risk Assessment Guidance (2011)

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N/A: Article proposes framework for risk assessment of donor tumor transmission for various tumor types
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squamous cell carcinoma
carcinoma in situ (CIS) (new)
Urothelial carcinoma (new)
thyroid carcinoma (new)
RCC (renal cell carcinoma)
Primary central nervous system tumor
CNS teratoma (new)
Breast cancer
Colon adenocarcinoma (new)
Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma
Metastatic disease
Lung cancer
Paraganglioma (new)
Angiomyolipoma (new)
Pleomorphic adenoma (new)
Atrial myxoma (new)
Mesothelioma (new)
Renal oncocytoma
Pheochromocytoma (new)
Adrenal gland
Subject review
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Nalesnik, M.A.; Woodle, E.S.; DiMaio, J.M.; Vasudev, B.; Teperman, L.W.; Covington, S.; Taranto, S.; Gockerman, J.P.; Shapiro, R.; Sharma, V.; Swinnen, L.J.; Yoshida, A.; Ison, M.G. Donor-Transmitted Malignancies in Organ Transplantation: Assessment of Clinical Risk American journal of transplantation 2011; 11 (6) :1140 - 1147
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DTAC (Disease Transmission Advisory Committee of UNOS) guidance article for assessing risk categories for specific tumor types with recommended clinical use. Benign tumors with certain risks (e.g. chance of malignant transformation) also included. Categories, estimated risk frequencies, and recommended clinical uses include: 1. No significant risk (0%); standard; 2. Minimal risk (0.1% or less but >0%); clinical judgment, informed consent; 3. Low risk (0.1-1%) use in recipients at significant risk without transplant, informed consent; 4. Intermediate risk (1-10%): generally not recommended for transplant except when expected survival without transplant is very short, informed consent; 5. High risk (>10%), transplant discouraged except in rare and extreme circumstances, informed consent; 6. Unknown risk (evaluation for risk factors incomplete or no relevant literature to assess risk), use based on clinical judgment and informed consent.