Registry series: Lung small-cell carcinoma (2009)

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Most recent risk assessment for Lung Cancer (Council of Europe, 2022): Any histotype of newly-diagnosed lung cancer is an unacceptable risk for organ donation. Lung cancer in the donor history: Treated lung cancer is considered to be associated with a high transmission risk. Risk may decrease after curative therapy, with recurrence-free time and with increasing probability of cure.
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10 months
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Not reported
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Reported to Disease Transmission Advisory Committee (DTAC) 6 months posttransplant. DTAC classifies transmission as possible, no details reported in the paper. First report of DTAC of Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN). Reports of potential donor-derived transmission events are required from transplant centers according to OPTN policy 4.7. Reports are reviewed and discussed by interdisciplinary expert committee within 45 days after reported suspicion - then consensus classification: confirmed (proven, probable, possible) or excluded transmission. Data 2005-2007 show 55 reported suspicions with 15 (27%) confirmed transmissions, 6 (40%) tumor related deaths: 4 lymphoma (2 dead), 3 renal cell carcinoma, 2 melanoma (1 dead),2 lung adenocarcinoma (2 dead), 1 glioblastoma (dead), 1 hepatocellular carcinoma, 1 lung small cell, 1 ovarian. Latency and follow-up mostly not reported. Extracted 2007 data with more details: 4 proven (hepatocellular, lung small cell, glioblastoma and lymphoma) and 1 possible (melanoma) transmission (for details see "row" of respective tumor). Authors assume underreporting due to lack of awareness of the problem but expect an improvement over the years. SMALL-CELL LUNG CARCINOMA details (2007): liver recipient affected was the only recipient of that donor, alive (last information 45 days after report arrived at DTAC).
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3 Definite/Certain/Proven
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OPTN (organ procurement and transplantation network)
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Ison, M.G.; Hager, J.; Blumberg, E.; Burdick, J.; Carney, K.; Cutler, J.; DiMaio, J.M.; Hasz, R.; Kuehnert, M.J.; Ortiz-Rios, E.; Teperman, L.; Nalesnik, M. Donor-Derived Disease Transmission Events in the United States: Data Reviewed by the OPTN/UNOS Disease Transmission Advisory Committee American Journal of Transplantation 2009; 9 (8) :1929 - 1935