Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

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Record number: 
Adverse Occurrence type: 
MPHO Type: 
Time to detection: 
7 days - 59 months
Alerting signals, symptoms, evidence of occurrence: 
Retrospectively, 10 anti-HCV-negative patients received hearts from donors who were anti-HCV and HCV RNA-positive. All became positive post transplant. Severe liver injury occurred in two patients, two deaths occurred. Six of nine evaluable recipients developed biochemical evidence of hepatitis (ALT peak between 7 days and 59 months after cardiac transplantation).
Demonstration of imputability or root cause: 
Donor-recipient pairs expressed identical genotypes.
Imputability grade: 
3 Definite/Certain/Proven
Suggest references: 
File, E., Mehra, M., Nair, S., Dumas-Hicks, D. and Perrillo, R. (2003). Allograft transmission of hepatitis C virus infection from infected donors in cardiac transplantation. Transplantation 76(7): 1096-100.