Aminiotic membrane. Microbial contamination

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Fresh human amniotic membranes were collected from different clinics and hospitals and their microbial load was determined. The level of contamination was quite high (up to 952 colonies/cm2) in some cases. The range of bacterial count in the samples that were studied varied between 31 and 952 colonies/cm2. This reflects upon the hygienic conditions of the delivery room. All the isolated bacterial strains were gram negative except one, which was highly radiation resistant Bacillus sp. with a D10 of 3.1 kGy.
Demonstration of imputability or root cause: 
Direct analysis of membranes rinsed with saline and cultured.
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Islam, M.S.and Begum, R., Microbiological and radiation sensitivity studies of bacterial isolates obtained from human amniotic membranes, in Advances in Tissue Banking, J.N.K. G.O. Phillips, D.M. Strong, R. Von Versen and A. Nather, Editor. 1999, World Scientific: Singapore. p. 457-467.