Rabies Virus

Record number: 
Adverse Occurrence type: 
MPHO Type: 
Time to detection: 
26 - 40 days
Alerting signals, symptoms, evidence of occurrence: 
Recipient 1: Post Op Day 26 presented with nausea and paresthesia of lips progressing to hydrophobia and death within two days. Recipient 2: Presented post op day 40 with vomiting and weakness.
Demonstration of imputability or root cause: 
Two recipients of corneas from the same donor developed rabies. Recipient 1, had diagnosis on post-mortem brain tissue using WHO-recommended laboratory techniques for FAT, RTCIT and MIT (all positive). Recipient 2, Saliva, blood and CSF using the MIT test, positive FAT on Brain, RTCIT on Brain and saliva, MIT on Serum, Monoclonal antibody test on serum. FAT fluorescence antibody test; RTCIT rapid tissue culture infection test; MIT mouse inoculation test; MNT mouse neutralization test.
Imputability grade: 
3 Definite/Certain/Proven
Suggest references: 
Simani S; Fayaz A; Rahimi P; et al. Six fatal cases of classical rabies virus without biting incidents, Iran 1990-2010. Journal of Clinical Virology 54(2010)251-254.