Record number: 
Adverse Occurrence type: 
MPHO Type: 
Time to detection: 
4 days
Alerting signals, symptoms, evidence of occurrence: 
A 6-year-old boy recipient of bone marrow developed fever on day +4 and died one week later (Figueroa M, unpublished data).
Demonstration of imputability or root cause: 
Dengue virus 4 was isolated from recipient's blood, ascitic fluid, and postmortem tissue samples. The donor developed fever and headache 2 days after the marrow was harvested. A diagnostic sample from the donor was positive for anti-dengue IgM antibodies, and titration in the same test against separate dengue antigens indicated that DEN-4 was the most likely infecting serotype.
Imputability grade: 
2 Probable
Suggest references: 
Rigau-Pérez JG, Vorndam AV, Clark GG. The dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever epidemic in Puerto Rico, 1994-1995. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2001 Jan-Feb;64(1-2):67-74.