Welcome to the NOTIFY Library site where experts from across the globe collaborate to share didactic information on documented adverse outcomes associated with the clinical use of human organs, blood, tissues and cells. The data presented on the Notify Library site should be seen in the context of impressive success stories in transplantation, transfusion and assisted reproduction across the world.

  • Infectious disease threats on the go

    On 10 Feb 2017, ECDC has released a new Threat Reports app, a free and open access application that gives you direct access to key updates and reports on communicable disease threats of concern to the EU on your mobile device. The new Threat Reports app is available on App Store, Google Play and Windows App Store and offers the possibility to read reports offline and to receive push notifications of new reports. The application is free to use and can be accessed by anyone. ECDC partners can access additional reports by logging in with their ECDC credentials.

  • Council of Europe – European Directorate for the Quality of Medicine and HealthCare (EDQM)

    The Council of Europe guidelines for the quality and safety of organs, tissues and cells for transplantation and blood components are available for download. EDQM guides are intended to provide easy-to-use information and guidance to all professionals involved in donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells (including ART), and blood transfusions, so as to maximise their quality and to minimise risks related to the use of these MPHO.

  • AABB US Hemovigilance Symposium

    The AABB Symposium will be in Atlanta next February 13 - 14. The Symposium is the first event to bring together experts to discuss the progress in US hemovigilance.
    The discussion will be focused on:
    - Global achievements in haemovigilance;
    - Insights on recommendations that have successfully impacted transfusion practices and patient care;
    - Barriers to participation in the US hemovigilance system;
    - The future of hemovigilance in the US.

  • Recommendation on Zika virus and safety of SOHO

    Different tools have been made avavilable for all Member States and National Health Authorities in dealing with Zika outbreaks.
    The WHO APP, ECDC Guidance, and other reccomendation drafter from other Competent Authorities and scientific society can be found at the following link.

  • The Notify Library wants to improve!

    The Notify Library wants to improve! Starting from today, all Notify Library users (whether anonymous or registered on our forums) are invited to evaluate the usefulness of the searches they have carried out. By answering 3 SIMPLE QUESTIONS, Notify Library users will provide essential information that will help us to improve the nature of the information submitted to the Library by professionals and regulators worldwide and the ease of access to that information by those who need it.

    Please dedicate a very small amount of your time to help us to make this tool a real instrument for enhancing donor and patient safety globally!

The NOTIFY search engine is accessible without username and password.

The database is continually updated and currently new cases are being collected and submitted to editorial working groups in order to increase the database content and scope.